Our Story

A business is born

Founded in 2007 with a small warehouse (5000 sq feet), and an even smaller team (3), Medical Mega opened its doors to sell medical supplies.

Our founder thrives on the opportunity to help another human being. He wanted to create a place for people to get their supplies easily and immediately.

The years passed

Our 5000 sq feet warehouse slowly grew to warehouses across the US and our product line keeps growing and growing.

The team also grew. There was one specific requirement for anyone joining the team - you needed to be caring and devoted. Period. Medial Mega customers deserve that.

Our focus

Not medical supplies. People.

Yes, this is a medical supply company, but we soon realized that people needed a lot more than just medical supplies. At this vulnerable spot in their lives they craved something else - even if they couldn't articulate what they needed .

They wanted warmth. They wanted guidance. They wanted someone (not a recorded message!) to patiently walk them through the options.

And so the focus changed.

We're not in the medical field. We're in the helping field.

We KNOW our products.

We UNDERSTAND our customers.

A couple years down the line, a team leader stepped up to give the team the education that would help them better serve customers. He'd been through an arduous medical journey and was able to relate to customers because he'd been there, done that.

He periodically delivers special Ostomy training to our customer service reps to help them really understand what our customers are going through. Like this, they can better assist customers with the ordering process.

Our team gets to know the ostomy products inside out. All our reps are not just spouting package info,

They're able to

help you find solutions to any problems that crop up

find accessories that might help you

support you along your Ostomy journey

Wound Care is our top priority

At Medical Mega, we focus strongly on wound care products with the support and backing by our Wound Care Specialty Team. We're connected to leading wound care manufacturers, brands, and product developers.

We work together to:

get a good understanding of the wound care healing process so we can help patients in their struggles

create new products to serve our patients better

No question is too small, no question too big, no question too bothersome.

Our staff is on hand to make your life easier.
From fast shipping, to putting an order through for
you, we're at your service — and that isn't just a nice buzzword.

Medical supplies you can get anywhere.
What you can't get anywhere is the signature Medical Mega touch.